Learn how to code & start a startup in just 13 weeks. 90 minutes/day with Startup Engineering.


A free, mentor-led program for women.


Resplash is an experimental initiative committed to empowering future leaders by awarding scholarships & mentorship opportunities to talented individuals interested in learning how to code, design & potentially join or found a world-class tech startup.

The first scholarship cycle will award up to forty (40) scholarships to talented & dynamic women with the potential to succeed in the tech industry.

This scholarship is not limited to women who plan to start startups but is open to any woman, 18 years or older, across Africa, who wants to join a tech startup or is curious about coding.

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What you’ll get


2 Months Free - Skillshare Subscription

Learn how to start a startup with Y Combinator’s free online class - Startup School.

1 Month Free - DesignCode.io subscription

Learn how to code modern, api-driven websites with a free Skillshare & designcode.io subscription from Resplash.

1x Free - The Agile You: Resplash Edition

To help you manage your time during the program, so you can complete the courses on time.


Dedicated Mentor support

Throughout the program, you’ll be paired with different mentors with varying skills, to help you accomplish your weekly learning objectives.

A beginner-friendly learning plan

Our learning plan is designed for complete beginners. We’ll take you through the basics of coding as well as starting a startup & gently turn up the heat.

Bite-sized learning

You’ll get video lessons & project work weekly, broken down into 30-40 minute sessions that you can complete on your own schedule.


What you’ll learn


Module 1: Learn to code

Learn how to code Modern, API-Driven websites, with HTML, CSS, Javascript & React.js

  • Html & Css Basics

  • Css Layout

    • Responsive layouts

    • Flexbox

  • CSS Animations

    • Make a cool button

    • Make some hover animations

    • Animate a clock

  • Command Line & Git

  • Javascript Basics

    • Launch a Rocket in your browser

    • Make a temperature converter

  • Fun Javascript Projects

    • Build a Guess-The-Number game

    • Build a tip calculator

  • React.js

    • Styled components & props

    • Payments with Stripe

    • API’s with Contentful

Module 2: Learn How to start a startup

Follow Y Combinator’s Startup class, with support from YC founders.

  • Starting Up

    • How to Succeed with a Startup

    • Startup Legal Mechanics

  • Design & Product

    • Design for Startups

    • Building Product

    • Finding Product Market Fit - Case Study

  • Growth

    • How to Get Users & Grow

    • How to Measure Your Product

    • PR & Content for Growth

  • Tech

    • Building an Engineering Team

    • Startup Technology - Technical Founder Advice

  • Money

    • How to Apply & Succeed at Y Combinator

    • Fundraising Fundamentals

    • Understanding SAFEs & Priced Equity Rounds

    • How to Get Meetings with Investors & Raise Money


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